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What to Know Before Booking Saona Island Excursions

In Punta Cana Saona Island providers offer various types of Saona Packages, here we will tell you the difference from one package to another, the nice and convenient things, and also the not-so-nice inconveniences this trip presents for some travelers who are just looking to experience the beauty of the island, after reading this article you will know which Saona Package is suitable for you. There are three types of Saona Island excursions packages and we offer all three 


The classic or regular Saona Island excursion package cost 75 dollars, on this package you will get picked up from the hotel, the hotel pickup can be as early as 630 am or 730 am, depending on what hotel you are staying, you will be pick up in a minivan if you are among the first pick up you will end up visiting few other hotels, maybe 2 or 3 stops at most, they do this part fairly quickly, after everybody is gathered the minivan stops at a local meeting point gas station name the Sunny gas station located near the Cocobongo Disco show, there you will board a larger bus with many others clients from various hotels in total, about 40 or 50, the bus will move North West part of the Island towards Higuey, after about 40 minutes drive the bus will be stopping at a gift shop in Higuey, where you will be allowed to get off the vehicle and shop around for about 20 minutes, after that friendly unwanted stop, the bus will continue on for another 15 minutes until reach the beautiful town of Bayahive, Bayahive is an small beach town with population statistics of around 3000 people, famous for its beautiful beaches use as the main access to Saona Island, once in Bayahive you will be sharing a Catamaran , after you board the Catamaran will be cruising straigh to Saona Island at Saona you will feel and experience the beauty the natural coral can be seen trough the cristaline water, during your relaxing time in Paradise you will enjoy the inclusive delicious BBQ buffet, after about 3 hours on the island you will embarc the speed boat , heading back towards Bayahive, stoping at the natural pool, the natural pool is a shalow area between Saona Island and Bayahive beach, where clients are able to get off the boat and stand, with a water waist deep, there your eyes will not believe the beauty that sorrounds you, after about one hour and half, the speed boat will return to the Bayahibe shores for every body to get back to their respecting hotels finilizing at about 6 pm.  

  • Advantages:  low prices, get to mingle and know other people, get to see other hotels for a quick moment, get to visit the gift shop in Higuey. 
  • Disadvantages: Having to get up early. Having to drive around picking up other clients. Have to share a minivan. Have to make a stop at The sunny gas station, used as a meeting point to switch to the shared larger bus, sometimes the guides don't even explain properly to the tourist. Why are they stopping and waiting there? Sometimes waiting for 10 minutes feels like an eternity. Don't panic, after a few minutes, you will be moving along, The unwanted stop at the Higuey Gift Shop. Share catamaran. Share speed bus. Share BBQ meal, 

2- SEMI PRIVATE  the SEMI PRIVATE Saona will provide you with private transportation from and to the hotel, a share meal at Saona Island, share catamaran and share speed boat, the departure time can be at 8 am since you will be driven privately you can sleep a little longer the return will be also at about 6 pm back to the hotel the price will be $135 pp minimum 2 person, please know that prices for semi private goes down when amount of participants is more then 2 private transportation of $120  get split between participants. Hope that makes sense 


This package to the island is all private, private transportation, private catamaran, Private Exclusive meal Lobster, shrimp, and all the goodies you can think of, the pickup time will be at whatever time you decide and the return will also be at whatever time you decide the price will be $2,400 up to 10 people 


What happens when we lift a starfish out of the water for an impromptu photo section? 

All over the body of starfish are papules called dermal gills. Carbon dioxide gases are exchanged for oxygen between the coelomic liquid of the starfish and the water. Essentially, it’s how they breathe, like having hundreds of tiny noses all over your body.

As fresh air is toxic to starfish, and they can’t hold their breath for very long, each time they’re lifted out of the water for a photo op, they are drowning and suffering from a build-up of carbon dioxide. It’s the equivalent of someone filling your lungs with water for a little while and then emptying them again. It’s not a good day out. When this is done repeatedly, it’s a flip of the coin whether the poor creature can die from drowning or the stress of being semi-drowned so many times.

Wildlife is not our playthings. Just because a creature is slow enough to be caught by human hands, doesn’t give us the right to do so, and the social media attention gained certainly does not justify the harm caused to the critter.

This is an act we’re all guilty of at some point. What was happening to that animal at the moment didn’t cross our minds. But now we know better, so we must do better.

Look But Don't Touch


Don’t wear your shoes on the boats.       Make sure you have water shoes or strap sandals for the island beach.  There is a lot of rocks and hurt





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