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Foodies Outing Day at Yeya’s OR Capitan Cook

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Are you a foodie? Let us take you to the best fine Dominican cuisine in Punta Cana La Casa De Yeya Dominican Delicatesy taken to another level.

La Casa De Yeya has been around for more than ten years, providing Punta Cana Travelers with a high-end variety of delicious Dominican dishes. Punta Cana's gastronomy scenario would be incomplete without Yeya’s Restaurant. Yeyas bring authentic Dominican dishes with a touch of delightful class and finesse.

Now you can choose from any of the 3 locations conveniently established around the Punta Cana-centric areas, 

For reservations, please text Jay Rodriguez at 1849-262-8572

We will be more than happy to schedule culinary experience personally with Yeya herself 

Capitan Cook has being around for more then 30 years and has being stablish as the pionier on the best Dominican fine cooking 

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