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Helicopter Proposal Package

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As we all know the moment of asking your other half to spend the rest of their life with you is a very important moment for the male and it has to be unforgettable for the female. When you pop the question, you want to make sure that she knows how much you love her, and how far you will go to sweep her off her feet, The impression needs to be everlasting, once you fly her around for 10 minutes viewing the beautiful landscapes of Punta Cana Beach, we will fly on top of the Will You Marry Me sign to place on the sand of a private secluded beach, away from the noise tourist areas, Just the two of you, and the beautiful Punta Cana landscape to be the witness of one the most important moments in your life. She will know at that exact moment that you are the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with.


  •  The excursion is approximately 3 hours  from start to finish 
  •  Recommended Time: Best Time will be at 4 pm
  • Luxury Transportation to and from Hotel
  • Helicopter Round Trip. 
  •  Bottle of Champagne
  •  Lunch at the beach isolated special place
  • Video an pictures are included 
What to bring

Bring your beautiful soul mate, and make sure you keep this as a surprise, you can tell her/him that you will be going on a helicopter excursion, once she/he sees the sing spreading on the beach from the helicopter, you will reveal the ring and your intentions to marry her/him, from that moment she will know how much she means to you. And she will say yes.