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Punta Cana Zip-Lining

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Your adrenaline will flow like never before! Are you up for the challenge?

Safety first, always! As soon as your safety gear has been properly fitted and all safety lessons are given, you are now ready to move up to your first terrace. Safely connected to the safety wire now it is your turn to feel like your “flying”, an unforgettable and amazing sensation as you move from platform to platform! This Punta Cana Zip-lining excursion is for anyone with an adventurous spirit but too apprehensive to try thrill-seeking rushes like skydiving or bungee jumping. To experience Punta Cana Zip-lining you don’t need to have experience. Punta Cana Zip-lining excursion will teach you all you need to know and allows you to glide from various platform securely built on top of giants trees. Zip-lining has become popular everywhere from Jamaica to Thailand to the state of Georgia but one of the best Zip-lining activities is taking place in Punta Cana with Punta Cana Zip-lining, a place known for its dazzling array of outdoor activities to match its incredible vegetation and beautiful landscape. To help make your day enjoyable, we recommend not drinking too much alcohol the night before, wear pants, a lightweight jacket, running shoes, a hat, and sunblock.

  •  Round trip transportation
  •  Water and snacks
  •  Safety gear
  • Half Day Excursion
What to bring
  • Comfortable Clothes
  •  Comfortable Shoes
  •  Money for Souvenirs
  •  Be Ready to Have Fun