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Saona Semi Private

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Saona Semi-Private


This excursion is for those who want direct access to Bayahive for the right price. As an expert on Punta Cana activities, we believe that our semi-private package provides those visitors like small families and honeymooners, who want a more direct private service without the running around, Our Saona Island Semi-Private, will pick you up from your hotel at 8:00 am on a vehicle just for you, will drive you directly to Bayahive avoiding the stops at various hotels, avoiding the unnecessary stops at the gift shops unless you requested, giving you a sense of quality and privacy, once you arrive at Bayahive for the next part of your trip you will be taken on a large share Catamaran to the island once in Saona Island you you will be accommodated in a space separated from the sizeable regular group; once you arrive at the island, you will also be serving your meal separately from the large group; this will give you much more quality time, you will be given a BBQ meal with a buffet type, usually in the buffet are serve with, Pork Chops, Chicken, Rice, Cold Pasta, Hot Pasta, Egg Plant, Potatoes, Fruits, Green Salad. From time to time, The meal may vary slightly, but for the most part, it always stays under the delicious Dominican buffet variety.  


On the way back, you will share the speed boat to Bayahive, the most critical portion of this package come to use on the return to the hotel; after a day of fun and action, you are ready to go back to the relaxing headquarters of your all-inclusive rooms, you do not want to drive around on a bus with other client's stopping at each hotel, with the Saona Semi-Private once the activity is finished your vehicle will be waiting for you to take you straight back to your hotel, 


Note: This price Package is for a minimum of 2 participants starting at $135 per person. The price decreases with more participants.


This Activity last ✅ 10 hours from pick-up time at the hotel to drop-off time. 

✅ Activity is elegible for pay later option 

✅ Pick up from Every Hotel in Bavaro Punta Cana 

✅ Adults (13+) $135   ✅  Child (3-12) $67.50     ✅  Infant Free 


This activity is provided by SAONA VIP




The company complies with the safety standard established by the Dominican Republic tourism board.


✅ License 

✅ Insured 

✅ Safe

✅ Quality

Customize your experience with Jay; text him on WhatsApp at 1847-262-8572. He will customize your Activity personally, ensuring you get the best everlasting experience. 






What happens when we lift a starfish out of the water for an impromptu photo section? 


All over the body of starfish are papules called dermal gills. Carbon dioxide gases are exchanged for oxygen between the coelomic liquid of the starfish and the water. Essentially, it’s how they breathe, like having hundreds of tiny noses all over their body.

As fresh air is toxic to starfish, and they can’t hold their breath for very long, each time they’re lifted out of the water for a photo op, they are drowning and suffering from a build-up of carbon dioxide. It’s the equivalent of someone filling your lungs with water for a little while and then emptying them again. It’s not a good day out. When this is done repeatedly, it’s a flip of the coin whether the poor creature can die from drowning or the stress of being semi-drowned so many times.

This is an act we’re all guilty of at some point. What was happening to that animal at the moment didn’t cross our minds. But now we know better, so we must do better.


Please Look, But Don't Touch

  • Private Transportation 
  • Share Catamaran
  • BBQ, Buffet Meal at Saona
  • Open Bar During Excursion
  • Share Speed Boat
  • Private Return Transportation 
What to bring
  • Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Sun cream 
  • Cash for Tips and Souvenirs 
  • Water Shoes Recommended