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Scape Park

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Scape Park world of natural beauty offers everything from fascinating and adrenaline rush-packed adventures to relaxation and cultural experiences. Let your mind marvel while ziplining on a cliff, exploring ancient caves, swimming in underground caverns, jumping from water zip lines, and riding in our splash hammocks! In addition to all these extraordinary adventures, you can furthermore have the choice (at an extra cost) to cruise along spectacular beaches and snorkeling, in tropical waters. Do not miss the chance to experience the beauty this world holds!

Includes All land attractions, and transportation both ways..

Restrictions: This excursion is not appropriate for handicapped people, pregnant females, or people who suffer from any major sickness or disability. Kids under the age of six are not allowed to participate in Zipline. People under the effect of alcohol or harmful substance won’t be permitted to partake. 

  • The maximum weight limit to partake in the Zipline tour is 330 pounds.

Significant Notice: Food, Selfie Sticks, and Drones are not permitted in the park.

Optionally, upgrade: Customers can upgrade their package to incorporate the Sunshine Cruise excursion for an extra cost of US$40.00 per person (Tax Included)

  • Get away from the common and enjoy a voyage that is packed with amusement, filled with nature, and flaring with culture! In this nature stroll, you will be able to see real-life reproductions of the homes of the ancientest Taino Indians, the Español conquistadors, the African slaves, and the Dominican peasants. A real mix of adventure and culture!
  • Dip into this esoteric subterranean spring and live the real sensation of swimming in these invigorating waters, previously used by the ancient natives for religious beliefs and rituals. Get ready to feel nature!
  • Hop from our Mabo rope, glide the skies in our Macuya Swing, zip, and thrill in our monkey bar! And swing our water hammocks that seize you speeding and splashing in these rejuvenating waters enclosed by antique caves and remarkable cascades. The ride of a lifetime!
  • Uncover a hidden cenote and appreciate the most outstanding turquoise waters nature can offer. This exotic voyage will bring you face to face with the Caribbean’s remarkable ecosystem. ¡Do something unique!
  • Feeling the adrenaline rush and enjoying the feeling of flying through a canopy of trees as you rush through a trajectory of eight zip lines along an incredible cliff. ¡A definite must-do!
  • Encounter the marvels that lie beneath the surface of the earth! Explore the vast underground network of chambers and tunnels while admiring in awe the extraordinary geological formations this remarkable grotto has to offer.¡A a life-transforming experience!
  • IGUANALANDIn this wild voyage you will have an up and close encounter with our rhinoceros iguanas. A species of reptile that can only be seen on this tropical island. Our handlers are instructed to make this occasion both fun and scholastic for the entire family. You’ve never been so close!
What to bring

What to bring: Water shoes, comfortable clothing, bathing suit, cash or credit card for food, drinks, souvenirs, and photos